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General terms and conditions

§1. Scope
The following terms and conditions apply to all orders via our online shop by consumers and businesses. Consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for purposes of their commercial nor their self-employed activity to be expected can. Entrepreneur is a natural or legal person or a legal person company which is at the conclusion of a legal transaction in the exercise of their commercial or self-employed professional activity.
These terms and conditions apply to future business relations towards entrepreneurs, without that we would have to once again refer to it. The entrepreneur uses opposing or supplementary general terms and conditions, their validity herewith contradicted; they only become part of the contract if we have expressly agreed to this.

§2. Contract partner, conclusion of contract

The purchase contract is concluded with KJUST Sp. z o.o. S.k. Setting of the products in the online shop, we deliver a binding offer to conclude a contract on these articles. You can into the shopping cart our products first without obligation and correct your entries before sending your binding order at any time by using the proofing tools provided for this purpose in the order process and discussed. The contract is concluded by accepting the offer of the goods in the shopping cart by clicking on the order button. Immediately after submitting the order you will receive confirmation by email once again.


A binding contract can come also already previously as follows:

  • If you have chosen credit card payment, the contract at the time of the credit card charge is concluded.
  • If you have selected the payment method PayPal, concluded the agreement at the time of the confirmation of the payment on PayPal.
  • If you have now selected the payment transfer, the contract at the time of the confirmation of the payment order to the immediately comes GmbH. Languages for the conclusion of the contract available are German and English. We store the text of the Treaty and send you the ordering information and our general terms and conditions via E-Mail. The terms and conditions you can on this page at any time here too see and download. You can view your past orders in our customer login.

§3. Terms of delivery
Plus added shipping costs to the product prices. You learn more about the shipping costs for those sites.
We deliver only in the shipping route. A pickup of the goods is not possible. We do not deliver to packing stations.

§4. Payment
The following methods of payment available are in our shop:
Payment in advance
When you select of the method of payment in advance, we will call you our bank details in the confirmation of order and deliver the goods after receipt of payment. Credit card
The charge to your credit card by completing the purchase. If you select of the payment type credit card, plus 0 fall percent of the purchase price as a cost.
You pay the invoice amount via the online provider PayPal. You must be registered in principle there or only register, legitimize with your access data, and confirm the payment instruction to us. For more information during the ordering process. If you select of the payment method PayPal/PayPal Express, plus 0 fall percent of the purchase price as a cost.

Immediate transfer
We offer also immediate transfer. While we receive the transfer credit. This accelerates the entire order process. You need do this only account number, bank code, PIN and TAN. Via the secure and not accessible to the merchant number form immediately GmbH provides the immediately transfer automatically and in real time a transfer from your online bank account. The purchase amount is transferred immediately and directly to the bank account of the merchant. Choice of payment immediately transfer opens at the end of the ordering process a form be completed. This already includes our Bank connection. Also, already, the transfer amount and the purpose is appear in the form. You must now select the country where you have your online banking account and enter the bank code. Then, enter the same data such as when registering for online banking (account number and PIN). Confirm your order by entering the TAN. Immediately you will receive confirmed the transaction. Basically, any Internet users who now use transfer as payment, if he has an unlocked online banking account using PIN/TAN process can. Please keep in mind that at a few banks immediately transfer is not yet available. For more information if your bank supports this service, please click here:
Choice of payment immediately transfer plus 0 subject to percent of the purchase price as a cost.

§5. Reservation of proprietary rights
The goods remain our property up to the complete payment.
For entrepreneurs shall apply in addition: we reserve the ownership of the goods until full settlement of all claims arising from an ongoing business relationship. You may resell the reserved goods in the ordinary business; -assign independently in advance all claims arising from this resale by a combination or mixing of the reserved goods with a new thing - in the amount of the invoice amount to us, and we thus accept this transfer. You remain entitled to collect the claims, we may involve claims but also even if you fail to make your payment obligations.

§6. Guarantee and warranties
The legal defect liability law applies. You will find information about any applicable additional guarantees and their exact conditions both at the product and special information pages in the shop.




§8. Final provisions
Are businessman, in the sense of the commercial code, legal entity of under public law or special public funds, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from contractual relations between you and us is our place of business.