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Car bags sets dedicated to your car

Do you want to improve the security of travel, comfort of packing your car trunk and save time? Look at our products, and most of your problems related to the preparations for the journey will disappear. We offer tailor-made car-bags sets dedicated to particular car models, branded with KJUST. They make your packing for a trip faster and more comfortable. Traditional travel bags and suitcases are out of fashion. Thanks to our dedicated car bags you will pack up to 30% more goods in comparison with traditional bags or suitcases. We are sure, that our car bags will improve your journey emotions.
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About company Carfitbags.com

  We are the owner of the brand Kjust, the leading European manufacturer and distributor of car bags sets, which perfectly fit to trunks of various car models. We are the market leader in Poland, and having in mind very good quality and pricing, we also launch our products to West-European countries, 

Each new product is born from the need, and so it was with the first products we designed. Based on own experiences and experiences of other drivers as well, we created products, whose main goals were to pack comfortable and easy, and to reduce time of loading, taking into consideration maximum capacity of single bags and the entire trunk as well. We did it successfully. Our car bags solve all above mentioned problems, which touch almost everybody who travels by car.

Our car bags are produced by experienced polish companies, who have long traditions in production of such goods. We do believe, that the outfit must go with the utility together therefore our designers do care about all the details, making our products not only user friendly but also elegant. Do work hard to position the Kjust brand as a specialist for car bags systems.
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Dedicated car bags with a guarantee of quality

  gwarancjaOur travel bags are made of fabric of highest quality polyester 1680D, with a special polyurethane coating. This is a very durable fabric, resistant to temperature amplitudes (-50 till +80 C°) and to moisture. Having in mind the highest quality of our bags, we give for Premium Line 3 years guarantee.
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Company information:

KJUST Sp. z o.o. S.k.
ul. Sosnowiecka 91, 31-345 Kraków, Poland
VAT No: PL9452194496

Account No (EUR): DE63 8505 0100 0232 0482 90

Bank: Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien


Headoffice and mailing address:

KJUST Sp. z o.o. S.k.
ul. Sosnowiecka 91, 31-345 Kraków (Poland) 

Telephone: +48 570 772655
eMail: info@carfitbags.com

Opening hours: Mo-Thu: 9.00-17.30 CET
                       Fri: 9.00-16.00 CET




ul. Sosnowiecka 91, 31-345 Kraków (Poland) 

Telephone +48 570 772655
eMail: info@carfitbags.com

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